Analysis of the list and availability of medicines used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in Ukraine

Keywords: dermatological diseases, atopic dermatitis, soft medicines, topical glucocorticosteroids, affordability, socio-economic affordability rate


The prevalence of atopic dermatitis (AD) is growing rapidly among the population, treatment protocols need to be reviewed, taking into account evidence-based medicine data and the introduction of new drugs and new forms in the country's market.

The aim of this study was to analyse the pharmaceutical component of treatment protocols in Ukraine, to conduct a comparative analysis of the list of medicines registered on the pharmaceutical market on 2022 (also in comparison with 2016). To determine the socio-economic affordability of TCGS for the treatment of AD at the regional level based on the availability ratio.

The objects of the study were topical glucocorticosteroids (TGCS) preparations according to the State Register of Medicines of Ukraine and the online resource «Apteka online». Analysis methods: information analysis, content analysis, marketing analysis, systematization and generalization.

The study of domestic protocols and the British recommendations for the treatment of AD showed that TGCS with evidence-based effectiveness are prescribed as first-line drugs, but domestic documents for the treatment of AD from 2016 need to be revised, taking into account actual evidence-based data. The results of this study of the TGCS assortment showed that as of February 1, 2022, there were 13 INN TGCS for the treatment of AD, corresponding to 104 trade names (TN) on the Ukrainian market. In 2016–2022, the assortment of TGKS increased in terms of TN by 10.6%, while imports grew by 16.1%, which indicates a positive trend in the segment. It was revealed that, compared with 2016, there is a negative trend of reducing the number of domestic producers of TCGS by 18.1%. Consequently, the share of imported TGCS preparations is 62.5%, which contributes to the growth of treatment costs.

An analysis of the assortment of TKGS according to the dosage form of the release shows that the main share among domestic drugs is ointments for, and for imported drugs – cream, but very small amounts in the form of lotions, emulsions. It was found that two medicines are low available: methylprednisolone aceponate, bemethasone, medicines have an average availability: mometasone furoate, bemethasone (lotion). It was revealed that the majority of domestically produced drugs are available to patients. It has been established that the range of TGCS in the treatment of AD is import-dependent, 5 INNs are not available in domestic production.

It has been substantiated that pharmacist should be aware of new TGCS, the features and duration of their administration in order to ensure good pharmaceutical care for the effective treatment of AD.


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