Study of anatomic structure vegetative organs of burdock (Arctium lappa L., Asteraceae)

  • T.V. Oproshanskaya -
  • V.P. Rudenko -
  • O.P. Khvorost -
Keywords: burdock, root, herb


The diagnostic signs of anatomic structure of root and herb of burdock are selected. For the last type of raw material it is done first. For a root signs of anatomic structure, which have the diagnostic value, is: preservation of remains of primary cora, evidence of endodermi presence of secretory channels above endodermoy; for a herb — 3—5 of nearstoma cells and anomotsitniy type of epidermis of leaf and stamen, type and localization of trihoms, features of location of conducting fabrics in a central vein and petiole and presence of cavity in the center of these parts of leaf. Finding will be used for development of conformable sections of projects of ANDes on a root and herb of burdock.


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