Spray aerozoli the domestic pharmaceutical market

  • А. O. Drozdova Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kyiv
  • O. S. Soloviev Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kyiv
Keywords: aerozol, sprey, pharmaceutical market, medicinal means


Medications in form of sprays and aerosols for local administration are widely used in all areas of the medicine. 

There is a difference between aerosols and sprays. Excessive pressure is used in aerosols and medical product is delivered after opening of the valve.

Medical product in sprays is delivered in result of mechanical pushing by micro-pump plunger. During this process the pressure in the spray is equal to atmospheric one.

The purpose of research – the study of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine for the presence of drugs in the form of aerosol and spray.

Analysis of the domestic market was carried out using the following methods: marketing and system-search. The study used data from the State Register of Medicinal Products of Ukraine and the Compendium – drugs.

It was found out that 158 names of medical products in form of aerosols and sprays manufactured by 20 countries around the world were registered at pharmaceutical market of Ukraine (as of 01. 05. 2015). In Ukraine manufactured 64 names on aerosols and sprays.

Analysis of medicinal products in form of aerosols and sprays divided by pharmaceutical groups showed that most of them are antihydropics used for local administration for nasal cavities (64 items).

There are 25 medicinal products for treatment of throat diseases and 22 adrenergic medicinal products for pulmonary administration. Other groups are presented by 1 to 10 names of medical products.

The medical products containing Chlorophyllipt, Dekametoxin, Desmopressin, Desloratadine, Diclofenac, Interferonα, Isosorbidedinitrate, Permethrin, Povidone-iodine, PropolisandSodiumchloride in form of sprays and aerosols are presented by Ukrainian manufacturers.

Medical products containing Azelastine, Beclometasone, Benzydamine, Biclotymol, Budesonide, Fluticasone, Fluticasone furoate, Framycetin, Fusafungine, Glycyrrhizinic acid, Hexetidine, Lidocaine, Mometasone, Naphazoline, Phenol, Pyrithione zinc, Seawater, Tramazoline та Undecylenic acid are imported to Ukrainian market by foreign companies.

Prospective researches are related to creating of medical products in form of foam aerosols for treatment and prophylactic of gynecological diseases.


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