Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of glaucoma treatment by the «cost‒effectiveness» method

  • O. V. Kryvoviaz Vinnytsia National Pyrogov Memorial Medical University
Keywords: primary open-angle glaucoma, antiglaucoma drugs, pharmacotherapy, «cost–effectiveness» analysis


Primary open-angle glaucoma is one of the most common ocular pathologies that leads to irreversible vision loss in the absence of rational treatment. The disease is characterized by a high degree of disability and a significant deterioration in the patients’ quality of life. Therefore, the rational purpose of antiglaucoma medications and scientific basis of their cost-effective use is one of the urgent problems of modern medicine and pharmacy.

Insufficient number of foreign research and the lack of information in the domestic sources for comparative pharmacoeconomic analysis and justification destination of antiglaucoma drugs has been found as the result of information search. So this problem became the purpose of the study.

The «cost–effectiveness» method was used to justify the choice of the most rational scheme of primary open-angle glaucoma treatment. This method includes an assessment of both economic (cost of the drug), and clinical effectiveness of antiglaucoma drugs.

The weighted average retail price index of products and DDD had been used to determine the economic component. The effectiveness indicator was the decrease level of intraocular pressure after 1 month from the beginning of glaucoma treatment regimen.

Pharmacoeconomic analysis by the «cost–effectiveness» method was held for the 5 most commonly prescribed mono- and combined рrimary open-angle glaucoma pharmacotherapy schemes which were effective in achieving the target intraocular pressure that was found in a previous study.

The results of the «cost‒effectiveness» analysis have made it possible to determine the choice of pharmacotherapy antiglaucoma scheme «Arutimol eye drops 0,5% 5 ml (Chauvin ankerpharm, Germany) + Taflotan eye drops 15 mkg/ml 2.5 ml N 1 (Santen, Finland)» as the most economically justified by the perspective of financial costs for rational pharmacotherapy efficient ensuring the achievement of the target intraocular pressure.

The obtained data can be used in building effective models of reimbursement costs of pharmaceutical care provided to patients with рrimary open-angle glaucoma in the conditions of the of social health insurance introduction in Ukraine.


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