Electronic online system «Likipedia»

  • I. Yu. Revyatskyy Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University
Keywords: information in pharmacy, relational database, online system


According to the position of leading Ukrainian scientists they are developing the centralized database according to the directions of its implementation. Due to the literature review some specialists focus on the absence of electronic database on the topics of management in pharmacy, drug technology and analysis of extemporal medicines and another ones outline the creation of data search systems, that don't duplicate the information, but contain actual information about evidence on the effectiveness, adverse events and interactions between drugs.

The aim of the research was to elaborate the structure of generally available electronic relational database with online access for information storage. The system can be used by practitioners and scientists of pharmaceutical branch in Ukraine, which will permit all users to add new relative information themselves. The objects of investigation were pharmaceutical information, state information searching systems, database «MySQL». Methods of visual comparison of information, computer processing and formation of information using «PHP» and «JavaScript», structuring information for electronic relational database formation with online access were used. Expediency of presence and possibility of formation of a specialized electronic relational database with information storage, used in pharmaceutical branch, was justified. Prototype of a test-working model of electronic online system «Likipedia» was implemented for work with this database. The peculiarity of this system is the presence of a conditionally free access for users, based on the mechanism of multilevel marketing. Another peculiarity of this system is possibility of each user to add freely new information, type of which is limited to generally accepted standards of adding information to relational databases and structure of their composition, to electronic relational database. Thus, levels of completeness of available information in electronic relational database and its reliability depend only on its users. Two options of evaluation and control of reliability of given information have been suggested, one of them may be performed by the users of the system, the another – only by organizers of scientific project. Existing module «electronic prescription» has been implemented in the system for ready-to-use medicines; implementation of module «bibliographic description» is regarded.


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