Methodology of social justice of the pharmaceutical providing for population

  • A.A. Kotvitska -
Keywords: pharmaceutical providing, social justice, pharmacy establishment, cluster analysis


In Ukraine since 1999 year has been conducted on the basis of statistical data of quantity for pharmacy establishments distributing, and also results of Ukrainian selective research of terms families residence (homehelding). State statistics committee has been carried out statistically-economic design of pharmacy network development-using klasterizatsiya k-average method.

Providing level of population in regions of Ukraine by pharmacy establishments has been studied, general tendencies have been defined. An average quantity of habitants in regions has been calculated, which is for one pharmacy establishment. On the basis of klasterization results for regions, in accordance with the level of social justice of pharmacy establishments distributing, we have studied of pharmacies distributing between city and village. We have established that in the most regions of Ukraine one can notice the disproportion between population living in towns and pharmacy establishments accordingly. Rural population in these regions is in worse conditions than city population. We have established actions complex, directed on the improvement of medicinal providing for population in accordance with the international standards.


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