Analytical and technological aspects of preparing lotions based on lemon juice

  • N.I. Hudz’ -
  • I.Ja. Holos -
  • T.H. Kalynyuk -
  • S.I. Zabor -
Keywords: lemon, lotion, lemon juice, citrus fruits, cosmetic drugs


There has been done the analysis of literature dealing with using of lemon juice in cosmetics. The authors analyze data «HOST 18193-72 «Juices of citrus fruits». It is developed the extemporaneous technology of the juice from lemon fruits. They establish some criterions of its quality: description, pH, identification by means of absorbing spectrophotometry in the ultra-violet spectrum limits.

pH of lemon juice is in limits from 2,3 to 2,5. UV-spectrum of absorption has maxima at wave lengths 262, 273 and 330 nm. These maxima are conditioned by the presence in the juice phenol com­pounds. Probably, they belong to the classes of phenol-carbon acids, flavonoides, coumarines).


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