Determination of the sum of flavonoids in hops (Humulus L.) with the use of luminescent sensor on the basis of the complex of rutin with yttrium (III)

  • S. V. Beltyukova Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies
  • Ye. V. Cherednychenko Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies
  • О. I. Teslyuk Bogatsky Physico-chemical institute of the NAS of Ukraine, Odesa
Keywords: flavonoids, luminescence, yttrium, hops


Hop polyphenols are one of the main groups of biologically active agents defining medicinal properties of hops. Various chromatographic, electrochemical, сhromatographic methods of the analysis are used for the determination of flavonoids.

The aim of this work was to develop the method of quantitative determination of flavonoids in hops with the use of luminescent properties of complex compounds of flavonoids with ions of yttrium (III) and citrate-ion in the presence of the bovine serum albumin (BSA) as an analytical signal.

Rutin was used as the polyphenolic standard. Its luminescence intensity increases with a complex formation with ions of yttrium (III). It was shown that Ilum of yttrium (III)‒rutin complex considerably increased at the presence of the citrate-ions. Citrate-ion is coordinated by an ion of yttrium (III) on carboxyl and hydroxyl groups that leads to replacement of a molecule of water from the internal sphere of a complex and, as a result, to increase in intensity of luminescence. It was established that intensity of luminescence of the complex increased in presence of BSA. Nonradiative energy losses decreased owing to solubilization of rutin into the microphases of globular protein, as solubilization stipulated the protection of a fluorophore from suppression by water molecules. It was established that the maximum intensity of luminescence of the complex of yttrium with rutin and citrate-ions in the presence of BSA could be observed at the pH 6,5‒7,5. It was shown that ethanol solutions of flavonoids of hops interacted like routine with ions of yttrium (III), citrate-ions, their intensity increased in the presence of BSA. The optimum conditions for receiving an analytical signal of the proposed luminescent sensor were found.

The method of luminescent determination of the sum of flavonoids in the granulated hops has been developed. The received results were verified by the method of spiked samples and spectrophotometric method with AlCl3.


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