Analytical descriptions of selective electrodes for the cationic complexes of glycine with barium ions

  • O.A. Pavlenko -
  • O.O. Tsikhots’ka -
  • V.I. Tkach -
Keywords: glycine, salts of barium, selective ion meter electrodes, quantitative determination, the syrup «Magnelong»


The amino acids take the central place in the nitric metabolism of living organisms. Glycine is one of most widespread amino acid, that enter into the structure of albumens. The development of new alternative methods of quantitative determination of amino acids is analytically issue of the day. These methods would be characterized by such analytical and metrological performances, as sensitiveness, express, selectivity, simplicity and safety of the experiment. The possibility of the development of new selective ion meter electrodes for determination of amino acids with such compound analytical forms as associate ionic amino acids with hcteropolyanion PMo12О403- over salts of barium is shown in this work. The developed selective ion meter electrodes have good electrode descriptions and can be used for quantitative determination of glycine in the real analytical objects.


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