Study of the structural-mechanical properties of cream with minoxidil

  • I. V. Gnitko Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • A. P. Lisyanskaya Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • S. A. Gladisheva Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
Keywords: minoxidil, thixotropy, mechanical stability


Evaluation of the reological characteristics is an important and integral part of the investigations in a field of the semisolid forms creating for the dermatologic practice. As a result of the complex physico-chemical, pharmaco-technological and microbiological investigations rational composition of semisolid dosage form with minoxidil for external use was scientifically based by the department of the technology of medications Zaporizhzhia State Medical University.

The aim of this work is a study of the consistent properties of the developed cream-mask with minoxidil for stabilization of hair growth process and recovery of men’s and women’s hair-covering with androgenous alopecia.

2% minoxidil cream on the emulsive base and excipients were chosen as objects of investigation. Study of the consistent properties was carried out on the rotary viscosimeter Reotest-2 with cylindrical arrangement.

It was established that consistent properties of the 2% minoxidil cream for external use are situated within the reological optimum of ointment consistence limits. Also the mechanical stability (1,03) describes the formulation as exceptionally thixotropic composition with possibility of restoration after mechanical loads and this fact allows to predict stability of the consistent properties during a long storage.

Factors of dynamic flowing for the trichological dosage form with minoxidil on the emulsive base (Кd1 = 33,58%; Kd2 = 66,37%) quantitatively confirm sufficient degree of distribution at the time of spreading composition on the skin surface of the hairy part of head or during technological operations of manufacturing.

Insignificant difference of rheologic rates of the minoxidil 2% cream for external use and its emulsive base indicates the lack of the interactions between active substance and the excipients.


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