Study of the influence of concentration of surface-active substances on trifuzol release from veterinary intrauterine suppositories

Keywords: release, trifuzol, intrauterine suppositories, surfactants


The main direction in increasing meat and milk production for the coming years is the intensification of all livestock industries. Disease animals with lesions of the genitals are fairly common, causing considerable economic damage due to loss of productivity of animals and even infertility. At the present time the search continues for veterinary medicines, which would ensure the effectiveness of treatment of diseases of the sexual sphere, in particular, cattle, and the extension of the range of veterinary medicines and their dosage forms. So, the goal is to improve the existing veterinary intrauterine suppositories by the use of more effective active substances and foaming agent in its composition that improves the efficiency of the funds and consequently the effectiveness of treatment of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs in cattle.

Use piperidine 2-(5-(2-furyl)-4-phenyl-1,2,4-triazole-3-ylthio)acetate (trifuzol) as active substances in veterinary intrauterine suppository provides increased therapeutic effectiveness in the treatment, particularly of catarrhal endometritis in cows compared with the known means. Its use allows to improve the course of the pathological process.

Introduction sodium lauryl sulfate in the composition of the suppository can improve the clinical effect of the proposed use of the funds due to the fact that the melting means it begins to foam, grow in volume and take in this view of the entire uterine cavity of the animal and thus distribute the active substance evenly over the entire inner surface of the uterus as a result of biopharmaceutical research determined that the optimal release trifuzol of intrauterine suppositories is provided by a combination of auxiliary substances – the fundamentals-media (a mixture of polyethylene oxides with a molecular weight of 1 500 and 400 in the ratio 9:1) and surfactant (sodium lauryl sulfate).

The aim of this study was scientific substantiation of surfactant concentration (sodium lauryl sulfate) in-utero drug trifuzol in the form of suppositories.

Suppositories were prepared by the method of pouring with the use of forms from semi-automatic Franco-Crespi. The concentration of the surfactant (sodium lauryl sulfate) were 0,5%, 1%, 2%, 3% and 5% by weight of the drug, the content trifuzol – 0.1 g each suppositories.

Research on the scientific basis of the concentration of surfactant in the suppository was carried out according to plan one-way with repeated observations.

It is proved that the concentration of the surfactant (sodium lauryl sulfate) significantly affects its release from the dosage form. Found that 0.5% concentration of sodium lauryl sulfate for optimal release trifuzol of veterinary intrauterine suppositories.


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