The analysis of influence factors on the quality of the organizing process of preparing for the exam «Krok. Pharmacy»

Keywords: «Krok. Pharmacy», the organizing process, self-training, education, academic disciplines


Based on the results of the Licensed Integrated Exam (LIЕ), the level of knowledge of students and interns of higher educational institutions of medical direction is determined, a decision is made on the possibility of their further study and work, and a rating of medical universities is formed.

Purpose: to determine, structure, analyze and evaluate factors affecting the process of preparing students and interns in the pharmaceutical field for LIE «Krok 2. Pharmacy» and «Krok 3. Pharmacy» (K2F and K3F); based on the data obtained, study the possibilities of optimizing the implementation of this process.

Objects: results (general and by discipline) of the K2F licensed exam of 2016‒2019, the pilot (2017) and licensed (2019) K3F exam at the Danylo Halytskyy Lviv National Medical University.

Methods: statistical processing of the results of LIE.

Factors that affect the success of student/intern training are structured in three groups: individual (personalized), group (group training) and external.

There is no interdependence between the results of LII K2F and the average score for training in the diploma supplement.

It is established that there is a connection between the success of preparation for LIE K2F and belonging to the group. This leads to the assumption that the success of training may be partly influenced by the personality and method of teaching, the level of knowledge and demands on pairs of specific teachers, as well as the environment of a particular student (the influence of classmates).

The analysis of deviations of the indicator of an estimation of a level of knowledge of students on separate educational disciplines has shown, approximately on 80%, a homogeneous tendency. The largest intervals of deviation of this indicator were observed for pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy, slightly smaller ‒ drug technology; the smallest ‒ for the organization of the economics of pharmacy, management and marketing in pharmacy, clinical pharmacy.

According to the results of the analysis of the indicator of assessment of the level of knowledge it was established that its distribution both in the negative and in the positive direction in the main group was uniform (is at one level), but in others ‒ negative prevails 1.5 times. The value of the deviation of the indicator of assessment of the level of knowledge had a natural relation to the medial indicator.


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